Running In Chiang Mai: Muang Chiang Mai Stadium

If you know me, you know I love to run! So I’m hoping to make a few posts about great places to run at each of our stops on the trip.

Chiang Mai has very mild weather year round, and I have seen a lot of runners out and about. Sidewalks tend to be crowded with motorbikes and food carts, so most people run in the parks instead of on the streets.

This morning I hopped a tuk tuk to Muang Chiang Mai Stadium, which is just north of the Old City. It is an area fairly popular with runners and walkers, although not at all crowded when I was there.

The main running path is a paved, two lane loop that goes around the stadium complex:

Stay on the left!

Stay on the left!

All of the runners I saw were in the left (inside) lane, running counterclockwise, just like you would on a track. There were frequently motorbikes going by on the outside lane, so for safety it’s probably best to just stick to the inside lane.

There are no distance markers going around, but I’m guessing it’s about 500 meters. As you can see in the photo, there are trees on the inside of the path, so it’s mostly shaded the whole way around.

The track area is also open to the public, and I saw people running up and down the stadium steps, too.

Happy Running!