Taichung Botanical Garden

The Taichung Botanical Garden is part of the National Museum of Natural Science. It includes a large outdoor park and gardens, as well as a multi-story rainforest greenhouse.


Approaching the main entrance to the greenhouse


A giant birdwing butterfly guards the entrance to the conservatory

Entering the greenhouse gives you an otherworldly feeling. The sounds of the city fade away and all you can hear is the sound of the waterfall in the central pond.


Hugo races ahead

We paused to look out from behind the waterfall.


The pathway will take you down to the lower level of the greenhouse and the galleries

Down on the lower level, we made a surprising discovery:


Hugo House!

The first character, 雨 (pronounced “yu”) means rain, and the second, 果 (“guo”), means fruit. The “rain fruit” house is a fitting name for the galleries and cafe inside the rainforest conservatory, don’t you think? This is also the common Chinese translation of Hugo’s name.

And what should we find inside the Hugo House?



And also tree frogs:


If you look closely you can see a yellow one in the center

It looks like the sunshine has found us once again.

A view across the fish pond in front of the conservatory

A view across the fish pond in front of the conservatory

Visitor Info:

The gardens are free, but it is NT$20 to go into the conservatory/greenhouse

Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 9am-5pm

Address: 1 Guanqian Road


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