Running in Taichung: Wenxin Forest Park

After taking two months off while we were in Indonesia, I’m happy to fire up my Garmin, lace up my shoes and get back out on the road!

Taichung has a lot of parks and tree-lined roads, so I’m excited to get back out there and find some good routes. Unfortunately on the more major roads the sidewalks are often used more for scooter parking than for pedestrians, so I’m going to have to wind my way around on side roads more often than not.

We’re lucky enough to be living in walking (running) distance of the Wenxin Forest Park, which contrary to its name doesn’t actually contain a forest. There are a lot of new trees planted, though, so maybe in 10 years it will be more properly live up to its name.

There is a large amphitheater in the park which hosts a lot of performances, and winding around the park is a biking and pedestrian track.


The track is divided into lanes and lightly rubberized, so it’s a slightly softer surface than running on a regular sidewalk.

You can see that the trees in this picture are meant to provide shade for the path but aren’t quite big enough yet.

There are also sidewalks that wind around the park, grassy fields, and an outdoor a roller skating rink.


There are a couple of moderate hills as the path circles the amphitheater

There is also a large playground, so if you bring the kids, be sure to stop and let them run amok!


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