Getting To Know The Neighborhood: Taichung Edition

I’ve really been looking forward to coming to Taiwan. I lived in mainland China for four years, but never had a chance to visit the Renegade Province. I’ve already eaten my weight in mapo dofu and conveyor belt sushi, so you could say the month is off to a good start!

Although my Chinese is rusty. Really, really rusty. I hear the words in my head, but when I go to say them they come out a big mess. Note to self: practice Chinese more before the next trip.

Plus, because they use traditional characters here, I’m practically illiterate. So much for all of those hours and years, toiling away into the night to memorize all those characters. Please, no one tell Yue Laoshi at UW; I’m sure she would just shake her head and say it was my own fault for learning simplified characters at all in the first place.

Beyond being able to use [what’s left of my] language skills, it’s very nice to be in a big city again (not that there’s anything wrong with small towns, I just find there is a lot more to do in a city with a toddler) and in a place that doesn’t have the uncomfortable power dynamic of the more heavily touristed parts of Southeast Asia.

We’re in a very central location, and in huge contrast to where we’ve been traveling thus far, there are parks and playgrounds everywhere.


For the next four weeks Hugo will mostly be a motion blur of giddy, happy toddlerhood

He does stop every now and then.


Drawing sea creatures and trucks in the dirt. He’s getting pretty good at it! His fish have actual, distinguishable body parts now.

We’re unpacked and settled into our new apartment, and I’m looking forward to sharing all the places we discover in the next few weeks!

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