The Last Day In Yogyakarta

I hate packing. It’s not just the thousands of small decisions that come with preparing for a long trip, but also in the middle of the trip when all you have to do is just throw everything into the bag. For some reason it generates a feeling of inertia like no other.

It’s our last day in Yogya and we’re taking care of a long list of last minute things to prepare for the next leg of our trip.

I’m definitely ready to move on. It’s not that I dislike Yogya, but our living situation has been less than ideal (somewhat isolated location, difficult to get transportation), and there were seemingly endless little things wrong with the house: only one bathroom drain that works, a roof that leaks in the most inconvenient places (onto the bed, right over the exact spot you would like to stand to brush your teeth), the somewhat hazardous wood floors. Don’t even get me started on the tokay that lives just outside our bedroom window.

Hugo also gets a bit out of sorts on packing days. Despite how much we talk to him about each place we’ll travel and making sticker charts to count the days to each destination, he still gets upset to see all his things zipped into his bag. He is much happier once we’re on our way.

I’m excited to share our next destination with you! Stay tuned…


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