Sunday Night Market

The Sunday Night Market is one of the biggest attractions in Chiang Mai. Several streets in the Old City are closed to traffic and filled with vendors selling art, handicrafts, clothes, toys, food…really anything you can think of. There were even some stages with live music and dance performances. We got there pretty early and it was already packed with people.

We got there early and it was already crowded

Every tourist in Chiang Mai is here

Hugo loved weaving in and out of the crowd, and that all of the things were right at his level. We kept losing him in the crowd since it was so much easier for him to dart around people. I think he touched something on every table we walked past.

I swear I turned my attention away for barely a second and he had stuck his whole hand into a spice vendor’s pot of green curry powder. Luckily, the vendor didn’t seem to notice so I quickly wiped his green powder-covered hand off on his green shirt and directed him elsewhere before he caused any more damage.

This was his favorite booth:

Tiny wooden tuk tuks!

Tiny wooden tuk tuks!

So he is now the proud new owner of a tiny wooden tuk tuk and keeps saying how much he wants to go back to the market again and buy a bigger tuk tuk.

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