The Down Side

I don’t really have any exciting stories or photos for you today. Hugo has been sick for the last day and a half, so we’ve cocooned ourselves in the apartment. Don’t worry, it’s nothing serious, just a touch of food poisoning. Plus, there’s an RN on the staff so we get house calls.

Mostly it means a couple of days of enforced down time, full of reading books and  watching movies and doing laundry. And then some more laundry. It’s amazing how much a small person can throw up.

But then we run out of sheets and towels and blankets because they’re all still hanging on the line because it’s been raining and nothing is drying fast enough.

If you read blogs about international travel with young children, there is a relentless focus on the positives: the children learn so much, they grow and adapt, they become more flexible, they are adventurous eaters.

But sometimes they get food poisoning. Or they don’t sleep. Or they get mosquito bites.

So the parents learn and adapt and become more flexible. And maybe we won’t be such adventurous eaters for the next few days.

4 thoughts on “The Down Side

  1. I hope it is food poisening Beth. I had thought my throwing up over the holidays was the same but no it turned out to be the nasrtiest flu I have evert had. Keep an eye out for sore throat, diahrea, and lots of coughing. Wish Hugo a speedy recovery and more adventures with mom.

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