Everything Is Sweet

“It’s sweet!” Hugo exclaims, his eyes lighting up with delight as he moves in for another taste.

This is paradise for a child’s palate. Even spicy foods have a sweet undertone, and there is often a small pot of sugar on the table if it’s not sweetened to your liking.

Foods I tend to think of as savory often come with an unexpected sprinkle of sugar: popcorn, crackers, nuts. My fried rice at lunch today had chunks of pineapple. The rice and quail egg buns we bought on the street were sugary, too.

At home, I tend to be pretty careful about not feeding him too much sugar, but here that’s just an impossibility.

Today at the coffee shop I bought him a pink milk, not really knowing what a pink milk was, but reasonably sure it was going to be sugared beyond adult palatability, a liquid symbol of all my poor parenting choices.

Basically liquefied cotton candy

Basically liquefied cotton candy

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