A Quiet Day

They’re not all exciting days or busy days. Sometimes, after all night flights, getting up too early, staying up too late, and feeling overheated and cranky, it’s nice to stay home, take a four hour nap, and make trucks out of notebook paper.

"Mommy can make so many different kinds of monster trucks!"

“Mommy can make so many different kinds of monster trucks!”

2 thoughts on “A Quiet Day

  1. In Harriville the world is cold and grey. The lake is frozen. Bob,who has Parkinsons and is stiff and awkward and communicates with difficulty sails across the ice ; elegant and serene in a place where he is as capable as anyone. People are planning to go south to Florida to avoid the snow and ice. Some stay here,writing stories about a time when their little boy liked to wrap up small things, pretend he was a mailman, posted the packages through the slot in the front door and was filled with delight when his mother discovered she had mail.

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