Exercise for Everyone

Looking to build some muscle but don’t want to join a gym? Just take  wander over to your local park! You’ll find everything you need!

Some sort of contraption to lift your own body weight:

Enjoy views of the fish pond while you feel the burn!

Enjoy views of the fish pond while you feel the burn!

Instructions for use:

Only six reps, ladies!

Only six reps, ladies!

Also fun for kids!

Cardio Stump Jump

Cardio Stump Jump

We’ve been to two parks and both had circuit training stations set up along the walking paths. Based on principles of Easy Math, this means that all the parks in Thailand must be well equipped for all your workout needs!

3 thoughts on “Exercise for Everyone

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    • The top photo was taken at Buak Hat Park in Old City. The bottom photo is at Princess Mother’s Health Garden by the Chiang Mai University campus. Many public green spaces in Chiang Mai have some similar equipment. Thanks for reading!

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