Why is street food so delicious?

Food trucks and food carts seem to be having a renaissance in the US these days. Have you been to Portland recently? So much delicious food comes from portable kitchens.

Whenever I come back to Asia I am reminded of how simple and amazing street cart food can be. I swear I gained ten pounds because of the jian bing vendor outside my university gate in Beijing.

We bought some roti yesterday, and it was sweet and sticky and divine. Here it is being made:

Banana scrambled eggs with extra sugar, please!

Banana scrambled eggs with extra sugar, please!

Roti is made with a thin crepe-like pancake (it’s more of a stretchy dough than a pancake batter, but it’s a crepe in spirit) on a hot griddle, then a sliced banana mixed with a scrambled egg is poured in the middle.

The crepe is folded around the banana egg mixture as it cooks, making a sort of envelope around the cooked egg and banana. Then the whole envelope is doused in sweetened condensed milk and sprinkled with sugar.

The end result is ridiculously sticky and delicious and will spoil your appetite if eaten before dinner.

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