Temples and Tuk Tuks

After falling asleep at 6pm last night, Hugo woke us up by climbing into our bed at 4am. Maybe tomorrow we’ll get to sleep until sunrise!

We headed out to the main road and flagged down a tuk tuk for a ride to the Old City. Chiang Mai’s old city is still surrounded by a moat and wall, and inside the wall are a lot of the main tourist attractions of the city. We headed to Wat Phra Singh, one of the largest temples, built in the 1360s. It was very crowded today, the front stairs covered in visitors’ discarded shoes, and two separate areas with vendors and food stalls vying for the attention of tourists by  blaring competing loudspeakers. We took a quick look around inside then headed over to check out the food stalls.

Flowers for sale in the temple

Flowers for sale in the temple

The young coconut was an instant hit.


It tastes better if you stare thoughtfully into the distance


Temples and coconuts are great and all, but this afternoon  we discovered The Most Interesting Thing About Thailand:

Better than TV

Better than TV



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